News and Updates

March 3, 2018

Getting Better Everyday 03-03-18

Well, I am beat up. The week was long and a lot of hours. I think it is gonna be like this for a while but [...]
February 24, 2018

Guest Star Audition! 02-24-18

So I actually got a guest star audition for the show “Raven’s Home”. Not sure where it came from or how I even got called in [...]
February 17, 2018

Working Like a Dog 02-17-18

Well, Harvelle’s is going well. Lot’s of parties and moving parts, but the future looks good. With a little luck my life will lighten up in [...]
January 27, 2018

Fight the Flu 01-27-2018

Well, it’s not the flu, but the sore throat, runny nose and desire to sleep is constant. Who am I kidding, I always want to sleep! [...]