Hi, and thanks for visiting my site!

On the pages of this site you will find a ton of info on my career and a few unique things about me.

I discovered acting while in high school. I was immediately attracted to the idea of exploring all the professions in the world, as well as all personality traits and idiosyncrasies we all have within us. As an actor I can be an astronaut, a doctor, a drug dealer or anything the script called for, I was hooked!!

I went to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC where I studied with Duane Jones and continued to study with him after school.

I graduated from DePauw University in Indiana with degrees in Communications and Philosophy (just a bit lost). After school I moved back to NYC and pursued my career as an actor. I did a ton of theatre and even made it to off-broadway a few times.

I spent six months in Germany doing theatre where I learned a great deal about doing 156 performances of one play!

During one particularly cold and snowy winter in NYC, my buddy and I decided to give LA a try.

Once every few years, I manage to make a living at what I love. In the meantime I supplement my income behind a bar. Acting is what I do best! I love my night job, flying trapeze, ASL, and poker. I really am looking to make a living at what I love the most, acting.

I have been acting for about 40 years and have had a vast array of experiences in many other fields. Acting has always been my passion, and when I am auditioning, I am working...

Currently I am with Legend Management across the boards and with Brickhouse Entertainment for Commercials.

I am a co-owner and operator of Harvelle's Santa Monica, a live music club! Link on the link page.

Please feel free to look around my site for more interesting stuff...